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The Pisces Full Moon was powerful. People reached out to say just how tired or drained they felt, emotions were strong & insights were pouring in.

Pisces is water mutable. It’s all about adaptations, processing emotions & then dreaming up other ways of being. Virgo is the earth mutable sign that figures out how to make physical changes — altering the world around us.

We just shifted from Virgo season — which often leads to introversion, hyper-focus, skill development, new routines, rituals, getting things done — to Libra — the sign of the scales and balance.

I know for me…

Photo By Kat Smith

We are all familiar with stress. It’s just part of life these days, but as familiar as it is, it can be managed. Here are some scientifically based remedies to stress, along with other remedies from older traditions I know have worked for myself and clients.

1. Observe And Be Kind To Yourself

The first step to any transformative practice is observation. Figure out what your triggers are and how you react. Where does your hippocampus take you when you’re on autopilot?

Do you run to a cookie? Television, coffee, beer?

For me, once I got over the chemical dependencies of cigarettes, booze, marijuana I saw just…

If you’ve experienced trauma and its symptoms, PTSD or CPTSD, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the question “will this ever end?”

“Can it be healed?”

The following is based on personal experience, research, and work with clients. When I shared it in trauma recovery forums, many reached out to say it reflected their own experience.

The stories were similar.

  1. Recovery took a number of years. (7–10 being common)
  2. It was hard work. (Everyone stressed this point)
  3. The result wasn’t what they were expecting but they love it.

Most people noted that while some of their symptoms remain, they know how…

There are certainly benefits to working with a coach or therapist. Both make it easier to catch blind spots in one’s thinking and can help hold us to accountability.

That said, the Socratic Method can be used to facilitate self-coaching through journaling; helping brainstorm through challenges, correct for errant thinking, and expand perspectives.

Before we dive into the Socratic Method though, let's look at ways to compensate for blind spots and accountability on our own.

Tips on Blind Spots

Blindspots are bound to happen. The brain has neurochemical limitations, is biased by previous experiences and conditioned priorities, and often ignores things that make it…

Original Artwork by Rachael Shores

Dreamwork is a lot more than wrestling esoteric meanings from random symbols. While it can help us cultivate greater self-knowledge, it is a visceral experience that unlocks psychological energy, potential, and creativity. In essence, it unlocks parts of the self that lie dormant or splintered away from the conscious mind.

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist who explored dreams and the unconscious referred to this psychological energy as “libido.”

When we buffer from lack of psychic energy, we say we have a depression or an inhibition, not realising that part of our mental hierarchy has run away beyond our control, that…

The Virgo New Moon was intense — which is unusual for New Moons. Usually, the Sun & Moon being conjunct means an easy flow with our subconscious. It’s the perfect time for introspection, internal commitment, planting the seeds we want to grow.

But the last New Moon saw an opposition between the Sun & Moon in Virgo & Neptune in Pisces. Oppositions are what we find in Full Moons, a tension between the consciousness & the personal unconscious.

The Virgo New Moon held this point of tension between the personal (the Sun & Moon) & the collective unconscious while simultaneously…

Photo by Joshua Earle

It’s been a crazy couple of years as we watch the world fall apart. Of course, the planets have been mirroring this process in the skies, and with it our personal experiences.

The New Moon in Virgo is no exception as it will help us adapt with the tools we need going forward; but to understand this, we have to look at the bigger picture.

The Uranus, Saturn Square 2021.

Pluto and Saturn called the shots in 2020 (more on that in the Tik Tok below)

but this year it’s all about the Saturn, Uranus square.

Saturn represents karmic lessons, structures, and getting our…

Photo by Joshua Earle

The recent Scorpio Full Moon showed the dark underside of life, the ways we’ve chosen comfort over truth, habits over health and growth.

In the upcoming New Moon we have the opportunity to release what no longer serves, till the soils of our being and solidify the vision of our truest self.

Fueled by Fears and Fascinations. Salvador Dali

I woke up today with a deep sense of melancholy. As someone who has wrestled with depression, I immediately set about identifying its source.

Sometimes it’s a disappointment in life. Sometimes it’s just chemicals.

Today it feels like a whole lot more, a feeling into the nature of things that on one hand leads to this heavyweight in my stomach & on the other defines ever more strongly my drive “to be.” …

Ganapathy Kumar

The Scorpio Full Moon on April 26th, 8:31 pm PST, is sure to raise some hairs. Specifically, it will help to illuminate the unconscious blocks, memories, and scars that cause us to seek comfort over truth, right action, and an ethical society.

This Scorpio Full Moon is the only lunar cycle of the year that will take the Moon from one sign of a luminary — Mars — to another, further linking the recent Aries New Moon to the Scorpio Full Moon.

In Aries we stoke the flames of our passions, tap into our truth, and act to accomplish our…

Joshua Burkhart

Transformation coach specializing in mental health, spirituality & relationships — the way we connect to self, society & cosmos. link.snipfeed.co/joshuaburkhart

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