Worried it’s Impossible to Heal From Trauma? Here are 14 ways to do it.

Joshua Burkhart
13 min readJun 17, 2020


If you’ve experienced trauma and its symptoms, PTSD or CPTSD, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the question “will this ever end?”

“Can it be healed?”

The following is based on personal experience, research, and work with clients. When I shared it in trauma recovery forums, many reached out to say it reflected their own experience.

The stories were similar.

  1. Recovery took a number of years. (7–10 being common)
  2. It was hard work. (Everyone stressed this point)
  3. The result wasn’t what they were expecting but they love it.

Most people noted that while some of their symptoms remain, they know how to navigate them better and believe they have found a way to learn from them.

Quite a few expressed thankfulness for their experiences, believing they led to a better understanding of others and appreciation for life. They said they enjoyed being a survivor, a beacon of sorts who can help others on their healing journey.

Alongside these messages of hope and inspiration were others who shared their desperation, the fact that they can’t see their way through the pain.

This article is for them.

We have to be careful.

It is important to be mindful when exploring the question of whether trauma or the medical labels of symptomatic PTSD or C-PTSD can be healed.


Because expectations are dangerous.

Trauma (I’ll use this as the general term to refer to trauma, PTSD, and C-PTSD) is a serious condition that will take a lot of work, resources, and exploration to heal.

While it is certainly possible and I have seen people overcome PTSD, it’s a journey that is different for everyone and may lead to different experiences of what “healing” looks like.

Trauma changes you.

Healing from trauma often means becoming a very different person than the person who originally experienced the trauma.



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