Truth! Which is what I find so interesting about Jung's story. He publishes all this work on the unconscious, the shadow & essentially what we would call today "social conditioning."

He does so as a doctor but is a mystic at heart & processes most of his theories through mythology, astrology, alchemy & the study of dreams—& he's socially conditioned to the point he can't accept this as mysticism & has to cloak it all in "science."

He even writes in his will that the Red & Black Books (the foundation of much of his work) can't be published till decades after his death for the fear they'd make him look like a mystic.

Which is a prime example of how no matter how good we get at our shadow work, there's always more. While also highlighting the need for future generations to continuously carry on the work of the past.

Because of the work that he did, society & the world is better primed to accept the mystical side he couldn't afford to show or accept within himself.

We can run with this & hopefully come to the edge of our own limits passing on what we sow to future generations that can expand our collective consciousness even further.


Transformation coach specializing in mental health, spirituality & relationships — the way we connect to self, society & cosmos.

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