The Savage State. The Course of Empire. Thomas Cole.

The Unconscious is Savage.

How sensitivity to what is “appropriate” hampers our ability for self-discovery.

The inner world is more than peace gardens and serenity pools, it’s f&*#ing savage.

I went for a walk today in the rain. I wanted to feel it on my skin, let it wash away the groggy, somewhat sick feeling I’ve been experiencing.

My vision of a gorilla.

When we check into our dreams and active imagination we are often shown sights of the wild lands within.

When our consciousness is overly sensitive to what's “appropriate” it cuts us off from our deeper instincts.

The problem with trying to filter our human experience through the tiny filter of the “civil” is that the world is a lot more than what is civil or appropriate.

This isn’t an argument against morality.

Morality is necessary for human interaction, to be our greatest selves but a morality that blinds us to uncomfortable truths only perpetuates moral abuse.

Everyone has their Shadow side. The parts of self that clash with how we perceive ourselves.

In her book “Dreamworlds of Shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism” Prof. Angela Samegi notes that even the Dali Lamas have dreams of violence and dark aspects of self.

These dreams and images of the inner world can act as warnings, insights, or initiation.

Sometimes they warn us about what can lie beneath. Unconscious motivations, fears, obsessions. The roots of the odd emotions we may be experiencing.

Our inner savage isn't an excuse to be an ass.

The realms within may be uncivil but that isn’t an excuse for us to be.

This isn’t a rant against society.

The bit about gorillas and Kali tearing apart the system may sound like a call to anarchy but it isn’t.

Take away.

Do you shy away from the images and experiences of your inner realm?

Love and share.

I’m starting something new. Writing every day as I put my random thoughts on binary paper.



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Joshua Burkhart

Transformation coach specializing in mental health, spirituality & relationships — the way we connect to self, society & cosmos.