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Sandman. Penciler: Jill Thompson. Inker: Vince Locke. Colourist: Daniel Vozzo. Letterer: Todd Klein.

Delight, Delirium, and the ways we mark time.

I am writing from a fast boat traveling between Gili Air and Bali. The waves are rough and all around me people are vomiting.

The lies of depression.

Last night my depression tried to convince me that I’ve been miserable for months, trapped and isolated in a foreign land, sinking into my addictions with no hope for change.

Sitting with depression.

The image shifted as I sat beside the weeping woman and comforted her.

The new Delirium.

In Neil Gaiman's Sandman, one of the five eternal aspects of humanity experienced a transformation when Delight became Delirium.

What/who is Delight?

Delight is the ability to enjoy the world as it is. It is the moment you stop to smell the flowers. The smile that comes to the face when a baby is just too cute to comprehend or a friend tells a particularly good joke.

The ways we mark time.

Gili Air runs on island time, which is to say there isn’t much in the way of time there. The days simply float on with the tides.

Reminding depression of the truth.

It took a lot of time and a surprising amount of effort to finally remember an experience of delight that could break through the depression.

What about you?

Does your mind ever lie to you?

Exploring the crossroads of life, science, and spirituality; invoking transformation. I open up dialogues at

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