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Women Playing Knucklebones. Alexander of Athens.

The True Meaning of Christmas (Pagan Style).

When the Sun hits rock bottom.

I am not going to lie, all I want to do right now is sleep and watch fantasy television.

The Yin-Yang Christmas.

It is the theory of Daoism that the active and passive energies cycle one into the other to restore their properties.

The dark births light.

While we may think of this birthing from the dark as the need for new hope, the ancient mind sees it more as the way the process has to go.

Invocations and appeasement.

The ancients had many ways of invoking their intentions in the world.

Sympathetic Magic and the Saturnalia.

Amongst the festivals and the calling in of protectors, fertility, and abundance were feasts, candle lightings, gift-giving, and the overthrow of the “norm.”

Renewal magic around the world.

Practices like those of the Roman are known all around the world. They each take on their own cultural flavor but the themes are similar:

  • Appeasement of the gods, spirits, and dead.
  • Invoking of fertility, abundance, and protection.
  • Symbolic acts that simulate abundance and fertility.
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Gautama St., Ubud, Bali

Our Christmas magic.

Ask me what I think about Christmas on my crankier days and I’ll probably drone on about capitalism and the corruption of our spiritual traditions.

Is there a better way?

How do we restore Christmas to fulfill this deep human need? The need to recognize a better world? The way the world should be?

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