Carl Jung, the Collective Unconscious & the Age of Pisces.

Have we learned our lesson?

Joshua Burkhart
11 min readMar 2, 2022


I was writing on the Pisces New Moon when I realized I’d gone down a rabbit hole in a much broader subject — a Jungian analysis of the Age of Pisces & the roots of humanity’s self-destructive materialism. . .

& an astrological answer for how to best shape the Self & world.

At its core, Pisces is the dissolution of boundaries, the blurring of the lines between our inner world — emotions, instincts, the soul & psyche— & the world that surrounds us.

This is the intensity of our first love that connects us to the poets. The moments of betrayal that cause the tragedies to come alive for us.

It’s listening to Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here,” high as a kite, realizing that by capturing the story of a madman as muse they’d touched on the archetypes beneath consciousness itself — the journey of a boy struggling to become a man, to be seen in a world gone mad.

Pisces feels so far into itself, the realm of the unconscious, the dreams & impressions it collects throughout the day that it comes out the other side of the rabbit hole with all the answers of Wonderland — a fantastical means to adapt to the world.

But if Pisces is so magical, how are things so fucked up?

The Elemental Cycle, Words & Symbols

The practice of magic consists in making what is not understood understandable in an incomprehensible manner.

— Carl Jung, The Red Book

Water signs are the hardest to talk about. Words are the domain of air & for the most part they’ve been invented to describe & explain the outer world, the realm of earth signs.

In the cycle of astrology —

🔥 : Fire starts the zodiac wheel. It’s the beginning of spring, our impulses, drives, motivation, the animating energy of life itself, our spirit

🌍 : Earth is the ground, our bodies, physicality & all the practicalities that arise from the limitations of physics & biology that then receives & shapes 🔥



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