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Amaterasu emerging from a cave. Artist Unknown.

The Ambiguity of Archetypes and Symbols.

Why creating movements based on archetypes as facts doesn’t lead to truth.

As human beings, we like our models and our categories and the way we associate one thing with another.

But why does this archetypal model matter?

Archetypes are models. They are never perfectly understood.

Archetypal symbols aren’t universal.

A majority of solar deities are actually women.

Why does this matter?

Because people are basing their ideologies and models off of poor data. If the Sun is represented by females in mythology as often as it is represented by males then our symbol associations are skewed.

Not going to lie, this blew my mind.

I love mythos, Jungian psychology, and astrology. In the latter two, the Sun is always associated with the masculine. I am also much more familiar with the masculine tales.

Possible counterpoint.

One could argue that Jung was really interested in the Western mind. So we should narrow our search of gods to the European deities so as to better understand the culture and psyche of Europeans.

Archetypes go through phases.

Our interpretations of archetypes are inherently subjective.

The subjectivity of archetypes and their symbols makes an archetypal identity subjective as well.

This is where Peterson’s archetypal male identity (and any sort of archetypal based identity) loses its stability.

The subjective nature of symbols makes them a poor foundation for movements.

There is always something that breaks the model.

The mind cannot capture the entirety of itself.

Neither will it capture the entirety of its symbols and archetypes.

Call to action.

I’d like to challenge you to keep an open mind when it comes to your beliefs and categorizing of those beliefs and experiences.

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