The Decline of the Carthaginian Empire, Joseph Mallord William Turner

Abortion Legislation is a Sign of a Suffering Society

Healthy people vote for healthy laws.

There is a lot being said about Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio with their recent anti-choice legislature.

Anti-choice legislature goes deeper than the laws themselves; these states are suffering.

Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio are not the healthiest, happiest places.

West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy

Why these numbers?

A person’s ability to make well informed, grounded, decisions such as who to vote for and what policies are best for the country, requires a healthy brain, body, and life.

Pro-life as a political narrative rather than a religious one.

Poor physical and mental health, trauma, stress, and a lack of education make it easier to propagate narratives and inner stories that don’t make sense.

If we want to change the legislation we need to change the lives of the voters.

We know from neurological studies that when people are in a stressed state the parts of the brain most responsible for rational thinking become less effective.

My story:

I wasn’t always pro-choice.

Healthy change requires more than our votes, the whole society needs to shift.

The answers to many of these challenges are not mysteries, there is research on how to improve mental and physical health; there are other states and other countries actively doing it.

What about you?

What is something you can do to take direct action in making the lives of our voting citizens healthier and better?

Transformation coach specializing in mental health, spirituality & relationships — the ways we connect to self, society & cosmos.

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