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You’ve probably heard the theory that it takes ten thousand hours for skill mastery.

It’s been a huge part of the self-development community since Malcolm Gladwell released his book “Outliers.”

If you’re like me you’ve run the math to determine how many hours a day for how many years you’ll have to spend in order to master the violin, yoga, martial arts, and everything else from writing to cooking.

In some ways, this has been empowering. I feel like I can pick up any task, give it twenty years and master it. In other ways, it’s been overwhelming. …

Set of “Tristan and Isolde,” Dali. 1941

An exploration of archetypes via song, written word, and interpretative dance. . . (I‘m lying about the dance)

Today is Friday, Freyja’s day, based on the Roman calendar and today’s association with Venus, goddess of love.

Needless to say from the title of this article the goddess of love is on my mind.

As befits the archetype of love and fertility these meditations have born some great fruit. All influenced and inspired by the love songs I came across today as I walked with Venus.

In them, I recognized our many projections. The Jungian concept that we are affected by psychological archetypes that entrance and enchant, distorting our perception of others and self. Another way of looking at…

St. Anthony. Salvador Dali.

My personal experience of the theory. How it drove me crazy and saved me. . . +Some shit about Jordan Peterson.

I remember waiting to talk to a professor one day after class when the girl ahead of me broke down crying. It was a poly-sci class, can’t remember which one, but I’m sure we were covering one more way in which the world is f*$^ed.

What I do remember is that the topic of conversation was on Critical Theory and Postmodernism. Both of which can paint a dismal picture of the world.

As an international relations student, Critical Theory was a core part of our curriculum and was used to deconstruct our narratives about the world in every field imaginable…

Original Artwork by Rachael Shores

How to alchemically activate your creative energy.

Dreamwork is a lot more than wrestling esoteric meanings from random symbols. While it can help us cultivate greater self-knowledge, it is a visceral experience that unlocks psychological energy, potential, and creativity. In essence, it unlocks parts of the self that lie dormant or splintered away from the conscious mind.

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist who explored dreams and the unconscious referred to this psychological energy as “libido.”

When we buffer from lack of psychic energy, we say we have a depression or an inhibition, not realising that part of our mental hierarchy has run away beyond our control, that…

It’s the New Moon in Aries today.

The first New Moon of the zodiac cycle — a great day to set Aries-type intentions for the year to come. It’s all about self, energy, passions & truth.

Figured I’d plant my intentions right here and invite you all to do the same in the comments below.

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Clarify & double down on your passions.

The last Libra Full Moon did all she could to illuminate our wounds in Aries — what keeps us from fully shining and achieving our ambitions and goals. She may also have touched on the ways that we burn others in our drive to succeed.

With this Aries New Moon (April 11th, 7:30 PM PST) we are given the opportunity to plant new seeds. As the Moon wanes we can release the things the Full Moon showed us weren’t working. Mindfully exploring our experience in the context of the Moon’s path.

This is why I love astrology. Whether you believe…

Ganapathy Kumar

Checking in with our ambition & passion — drives, blocks, and what lies beneath.

Are you ready to speak your truth? To declare your needs and hear those of the ones around you? And the wounds that have gotten in the way?

The Full Moon March 28th 11:48 am PST is sure to light things up — or blow them up if we’re not careful. Three planets and the asteroid Chiron are directly tied in with the Libra Moon and Aries Sun as they sit opposed.

The Sun (consciousness and our personal story) will be perfectly conjunct Venus (love, attraction, delight) and Chiron (the wounded healer), a rare event that will mingle the three…

another gay love poem

may my lips travel the boulevard of your abdomen & pass through the lines of your chest to the holy of holies. at the altar of your heart will i singe my fervency — crystal relief into the sands of time.

others have said “i carry your heart(i carry it in my[moldering/moon meant/sun song] — but when these temples crumble, when my lips no longer sing, here still will we be crystalized; a space hollowed by such reverence — baucis-philemon — no god dare wash it away.

For further ruminations on love and the stories we tell ourselves check out IG post here.

Unknown Artist

How to apply astrology & the ancient world’s wisdom to modern self-development.

What lights you up? What are you passionate about? And how do you cultivate this energy so you can live fully as your most dynamic self?

Today is the Spring Equinox, the point in which the nights and days are balanced.

From here until the Summer Solstice (in the northern hemisphere) time tips forward into the daylight realm, the realm of the external world, of action and activity, as the Sun shines longer and longer each day.

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+4 tips to change yours.

For most of my life I was desperate to change; knowing deep within that if I didn’t overcome the obstacles of my life (bi-polar, addiction, trauma, dealing with my sexual identity, growing up in poverty) I’d drown.

I love research and learning so I gathered plenty of perspectives, tools, and methods to try and create lasting change, but nothing stuck.

I’d work on my nutrition or mental health one hack at a time. I’d try to journal or I’d get obsessed with yoga for a few weeks. I’d focus in on something specific: meditation, breathwork, a particular writing process, dopamine…

Joshua Burkhart

Transformation specializing in mental health, spirituality & relationships — the ways we connect to Self, society & cosmos.

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