Photo by GoaShape

Set of “Tristan and Isolde,” Dali. 1941

An exploration of archetypes via song, written word, and interpretative dance. . . (I‘m lying about the dance)

Original Artwork by Rachael Shores

How to alchemically activate your creative energy.

Photo by Joshua Earle

Dream up a new way to be.

Fueled by Fears and Fascinations. Salvador Dali

A poem & meditation on today’s existential melancholy.

Ganapathy Kumar

See the scars beneath your comfort zone (& work with the Moon cycle).

Photo by Joshua Earle

Clarify & double down on your passions.

Ganapathy Kumar

Checking in with our ambition & passion — drives, blocks, and what lies beneath.

another gay love poem

Joshua Burkhart

Transformation coach specializing in mental health, spirituality & relationships — the ways we connect to self, society & cosmos.

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